Saturday, October 14, 2006

Peace while pooping. That was a full diaper.

Note to self: Buy spiderman sunglasses. Throw away all feminine glasses and get unisex glasses for the girls.

Ok Dad, let's go. Don't worry, these shoes will work fine as I put a used diaper in the toes to make them fit better.

Think positive. He is learning about cooking ingredients. Think positive. But he did it last week too. Think positive. We will look back on this in fond memory. Think positive.

Maya's First Day of Pre-School: Maya, why do I get the feeling I will be visiting your principal a lot?

Brenna's First Day"Dad, I am going to my first day of Kindergarten today and plan on being an highly paid doctor which will allow you to retire at 40yrs old!". Well, I guess I instilled that one pretty good :-)

Dad! Did you know you can transfuse our blood to the potatoe family! I am learning so much by being at the hospital.

Nothing like being "cool at all times". now I will just have to find a way to replace those with some spiderman ones or something.

Dad look! I am picking fruit just like Eve! [hmmm... we'll have to read that story again]

Saturday, July 15, 2006


What does this button do?

A moment after this shot was taken Maya wasn't smiling because she had pea-rock in her face. [see left side of picture]

Dad, how far away should a tornado be before we run for our lives?

[Dad yelling from 15 feet down without effect] No, I said DON'T lick it! ETHHHAAAAANNNN!

Fun to catch them in the same smiling picture without clawing a scratching. My girls.

The first thing every good neck adjuster learns is to adjust their own neck.

Hmmm... Where have I seen this before? Oh yeah, yesterday when he did the same thing with a bowl of popcorn. We had to make popcorn twice that night.

Ah! Hot coffee down the back never felt soooo good.

Been riding for days. Haven't had a diaper change in 36 hours. Used the last wipe to clean the the front fender.

Hey! Green and yellow make cat-poop-brown!

Dad is it alright if I get your vintage Philmore shirt dirty? Dad? Well, I'm sure he wont mind, I will just go ahead and use it.

Is is part human and part paper. Can't have one without the other.

I just dont have the heart to tell him that Apple doesn't have a phone in their iPods. Surprising how long a "phone conversation" can last on an iPod when you are 1 yr old.

I will not cave in and tell Dad about the candy bar I hid from Maya. I won't. I won't. I will just continue to stand here and smile like this until he goes back to programming.

Dad, look at me, I'm Irish!

I write web copy for my dad. He says it is really good.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Look dad! I just pooped out a rock!

DAD! I brought moms filtered water! Here, just put the root in here. THat's what Bwenna said to do.

Dad said if I smiled all day I could go and milk the bunnies.

Mom, can you milk bunnies?

MOM! The rat likes me! Mom can we get a rat? "Aaron, did you tell them that puppy was a rat?" "No, I said it MIGHT be part of the rat family, but I didn't say for sure that it was."

I have been lifting a lot. I got a haircut once.

Mom, a germ bit me in the butt butt.

Look mom! I am swimming in germs!

I am trying to break away from the forward lean when I sneeze. See what happens?

When do you think I got up here mom. When you went into the bathroom I quick opened it and crawled up.

Look dad. I can touch my tongue to my nose. See dad. Dad see. See dad. Dad did you see?

Mues upres tosso!

Nice to meet you Mr. Ban Anna

Really? I think that is really interesting that you sell bananas, cause I buy bananas.

My mom won't let me crawl on the dishwasher when its open. My dad does...

I know we just got out here, but dad... I have to go potty.

You can drown in other things than the ocean.

Am I loud?... yes.

I am a punk rock viking.... oh is that a banana?

Friends go together like chocolate and caramel.

I think I have room for one more bannana....

Friends forever - Brenna and Maya.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Playing in the "boat" Posted by Picasa

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