Saturday, March 18, 2006

Look dad! I just pooped out a rock!

DAD! I brought moms filtered water! Here, just put the root in here. THat's what Bwenna said to do.

Dad said if I smiled all day I could go and milk the bunnies.

Mom, can you milk bunnies?

MOM! The rat likes me! Mom can we get a rat? "Aaron, did you tell them that puppy was a rat?" "No, I said it MIGHT be part of the rat family, but I didn't say for sure that it was."

I have been lifting a lot. I got a haircut once.

Mom, a germ bit me in the butt butt.

Look mom! I am swimming in germs!

I am trying to break away from the forward lean when I sneeze. See what happens?

When do you think I got up here mom. When you went into the bathroom I quick opened it and crawled up.

Look dad. I can touch my tongue to my nose. See dad. Dad see. See dad. Dad did you see?

Mues upres tosso!

Nice to meet you Mr. Ban Anna

Really? I think that is really interesting that you sell bananas, cause I buy bananas.

My mom won't let me crawl on the dishwasher when its open. My dad does...

I know we just got out here, but dad... I have to go potty.

You can drown in other things than the ocean.

Am I loud?... yes.

I am a punk rock viking.... oh is that a banana?

Friends go together like chocolate and caramel.

I think I have room for one more bannana....

Friends forever - Brenna and Maya.

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