Saturday, October 14, 2006

Peace while pooping. That was a full diaper.

Note to self: Buy spiderman sunglasses. Throw away all feminine glasses and get unisex glasses for the girls.

Ok Dad, let's go. Don't worry, these shoes will work fine as I put a used diaper in the toes to make them fit better.

Think positive. He is learning about cooking ingredients. Think positive. But he did it last week too. Think positive. We will look back on this in fond memory. Think positive.

Maya's First Day of Pre-School: Maya, why do I get the feeling I will be visiting your principal a lot?

Brenna's First Day"Dad, I am going to my first day of Kindergarten today and plan on being an highly paid doctor which will allow you to retire at 40yrs old!". Well, I guess I instilled that one pretty good :-)

Dad! Did you know you can transfuse our blood to the potatoe family! I am learning so much by being at the hospital.

Nothing like being "cool at all times". now I will just have to find a way to replace those with some spiderman ones or something.

Dad look! I am picking fruit just like Eve! [hmmm... we'll have to read that story again]

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